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The school day’s over. What’s next? Do you want to hang out with friends? Learn what your future career might hold and have an edge on every other job seeker for that summer job or career after you graduate - or learn some great tips for getting into college? Do you want to get your graduation project done the easy way? Do you want to create the next new viral video? Learn to code digital games and program robots? Create 3D models that are printed on 3D printers? Become a digital photography wiz? Play educational games on iPads? Get some help with your homework, prepping for SAT’s or PSSA’s?


Do you want to take on your friends in speed stacking tournaments? Learn Chess? Become a chef? Learn to become a great teammate and leader and help other kids reach their own potential? Help your school and community while fulfilling graduation requirements for community service? Have time to work with other students to get projects done? Learn to fly drones and shoot off rockets?


If it sounds too good to be true - it’s not! These and other activities are part of “After 3.” Everyday students in grades 6-12 have a chance to explore their interests, learn new skills, have fun with friends and get help with school work. “After 3” is offered Monday’s through Thursday’s from 3 to 6 p.m. with transportation provided home.


There are six after 3 sites throughout Bedford County - at Bedford High School, Chestnut Ridge High School, Northern Bedford High School, the HOPE for Hyndman Charter School, Everett High School and Tussey Mountain High School. Click on the links below to learn more about the site in your school.



The verdict is in, After 3 helps kids!

Rigorous local evaluations of the Bedford County 21st Century After School program have routinely shown lots of positives.


The program is providing academic, attendance and emotional and social support to its students - and students say it's fun, as well as educational!


Teachers tell us that most students who attend regularly improve socially, emotionally and academically in some critically important ways during the school year.


After school students annually show improved attendance in school and more than 80 percent who regularly attend maintain an 85 percent average or above in Math and English.


Parents are engaged in after school activities - sites average 70% of students having parents attend at least one after school activity during the year.


Students and parents both reported high satisfaction with the program. Staff reported high satisfaction with the program.


In addition, the implementation of the Youth Program Quality Assessment system has brought to the forefront items that are proven to positively impact student engagement and ultimately academic, social and emotional performance. The system provides a way to measure and track individual site and program wide goals toward meeting these measures - and the county program consistently scores well above the national average.


E-mail the project director if you'd like more information about evaluations of the 21st Century program.






As part of the After 3 focus on career exploration, students from all sites are interviewing county residents to learn more about their careers. What are the responsibilities for a maintenance director? What kind of training and education is needed for a school social worker? What does a restaurant owner look for when he’s hiring employees?


The interviews are being videoed and edited by students and uploaded to the Bedford County 21st CCLC Consortium’s YouTube channel. Go to the Consortium's YouTube Channel learn more.



Want to learn what happens in After 3 each day? Check out a video with photos of the dozens of activities students enjoy – a snack, coding for video games and robots, recreation, flying a drone, developing 3D models, creating artwork, making stained glass ornaments, creating slime, celebrating Halloween in costume as part of an open house, learning about careers and starting to plan their future.


All these and more happened in just two weeks this fall. Check out the slideshow.





A focus of the After 3 program is digital content creation – students producing their own videos – planning, writing scripts, building sets, creating special video and audio effects, shooting and editing for a final, finished product. For several years students used Bedford County history as their backdrop for video creation.


The Bedford County Heritage Project ran for four years, with both elementary and secondary students creating dozens of videos ranging from the story of the Lost Children (above) to the Ghosts of the Jean Bonnet Tavern. Go to the Consortium's YouTube Channel to learn more about Bedford County’s colorful past – and see the creativity of our students in these award-winning videos.

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Want to learn more about the After 3 program in your school? The program is offered for all students grade 6-12 in Bedford County. Click on the links below to learn about your site.